Euthanizing a Dog? What You Should Know…

The hardest part about being a dog owner is when it is time to say goodbye, and euthanize your pet. Many pet owners agonize over their dog’s health, wondering if it is time to euthanize, afraid they will do it too soon or too late.

But how could there be a “perfect” time for an act like this? There simply isn’t, no matter how much we wish there was. And, yet, many dog lovers, who acted out of pure love when letting go of their friends, do feel guilty.

This is something that most dog owners are surprised about. So, before making the decision to euthanize your dog (even if for noble reasons), make sure that the feeling of guilt is likely to come up, even if this is not justified at all.

If you are better prepared, you will get through the grieving process with a more positive outcome than some that struggle with their decision for months and years after their pet is gone.

If your dog is suffering terribly and in a lot of pain, the decision to euthanize him may be somewhat simpler than in other circumstances. If you find the strength to let him go off peacefully, rather than experiencing excruciating pain, it would probably be a wise choice.

Euthanizing a dog in such a condition would be an expression of love, mercy, and kindness. But please beware, many dog owners still feel guilty wondering whether it would have been better to do so sooner.

Doubts often eat themselves into dog owners’ minds. They start questioning whether some different treatment could maybe have saved their dog. So guilt my still come into play, even if there is no rational explanation for it.

Aside from terminal illness or debilitating injury, the key to knowing when it is time to euthanize comes down to one concept: quality of life.

If your dog spends most of his day in one place, has lost senses such as hearing or sight, shows little animation anymore, has difficulty walking or caring for himself, then your best friend might be telling you it is time to let go.

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